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Een fles die me leerde wat geduld kan brengen :-)

Albino Rocca Barbaresco Brich Ronchi 2006

It's the trip of 12 hours from Belgium to Piemonte. Driving thru Bourgogne with its delicious memories. As delicious as the aroma's coming from this glass … like the most tender hug you can imagine.

It's arriving in Serralunga d'Alba, climbing the little steep streets to find Centro Storico and a man bursting with life and love for nebbiolo (and champagne) giving that heartwarming welcome back you need after a long and lonely route. As heartwarming as the first sip you finaly take after wondering if that aroma can match the taste. Yes!

It's meeting new and known winemakers, tasting their wines, listening to their stories and falling in love with the ones who can't hide their own love for what they do. As love is all I can feel drinking this little heaven in a glass.

It's driving thru memory lane on the brink of 2016 … 2015 a year in all the colors of the rainbow, from virbrant sunshine-yellow to soft intens-blue and golden brown-orange with a touch of black and mourning grey. As this Barbaresco makes me feel alive and sad and hopeful and loved and happy and … 
As I was speachless tasting this 9 year old wine I was watching the documentary of Bernstein Seymour by Ethan Hawke, he ends with "I never dreamt that with my own two hands, I could touch the sky". Perfect words to describe this wine !

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